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Guided Motorcycle Tours
PHUKET FOOD TOURS was created with our love and passion in food and travel. Note: Most hotels outside of Puerto Princesa will have a small restaurant available for convenience, as most food sources can be further away. Each tour includes a variety of food tasting items that are favourite among locals. I Love Food Tour and i Really Love Food Tour from i Tour Vietnam are two ho chi minh scooter tour tours in Saigon for the foodies that are highly recommended.
You will discover a full view of the city is on the Scooter while being driven through streets and alleys in Saigon. I highly recommend using this tour company to make the most of your time in Saigon, while having lots of fun in the process. Pro Tip: As fun as it is to shop at the city`s many markets, check out high-end Japanese department store Takashimaya.
Tour ends after the guide takes you back to your hotel. Seasonal fruits such as dragon fruit, rambutans and longans, fresh vegetables and local seafood are widely available, although supply can vary by region and season. For foodie travel, the dry season is a better time for exploring street foods and many local foods for feasts like Banh Chung and Banh Tet.
This is also home of the world`s best street food of the world. Vietnamese ancestors lived in Thanh Tri Ward, Hanoi long ago and they made the rolled cake from the rice. The nightlife experience in Saigon cannot be complete without time in a rooftop lounge bar.
The Vietnamese riders and drivers don`t usually look at the mirror and they only leave the way for you when you hear your horn. Hoi An in Vietnam is one of my favorite areas, mainly due to the incredible food, vibe, and atmosphere that this UNESCO Heritage town has.
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